March 2022!
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Join us for this 35 minute interactive bike tour while riding on glowing bicycles. Perfect for individuals, couples, families, groups, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

We stop at 3 different Hilton Head Island landmarks along the way for photos, music and dancing! Create great memories with this rare and exciting island experience.

Social Distance: We ride six feet apart, have facemasks, face shields, gloves and helmets available. We clean and sanitize our bikes and equipment after each use.
Cost: From $35. Must be 12 or older. (For riders under 12 years old, we have "Alley-Cats", please contact us to order at 843-684-3118.) ALL riders must sign liability waivers before riding.

8pm, 9pm,10pm ,11pm and a Midnight Madness Full Moon Beach Ride (Check availability, may not be available during turtle season).

Call for additional info 843.684.3118

Hourly Rentals- COMING SOON!

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Minor Release

Safety and Rules, Riding Tips and Techniques

Our Number 1 rule is safety. We don’t want anyone to be injured ever. Please think about these precautions as well as others.

1. It is recommended that you wear a helmet to participate in our tour. We also offer facemasks and face shields

2. Look both ways before crossing streets.

3. Keep a reasonable distance between you and the rider to your front-6 feet

4. Listen for guide instructions- GO, STOP, TURN, CAR BACK

5. On the path, ride in a single file, on the right. Watch for traffic.

6. Use your bell or horn to warn pedestrians or other bikers of your approach. You  can also shout out "Passing on your left." 
7. Ride in a straight line. Do not make sudden stops
8. Remember,  there are other riders behind you;
9. Be visible out there! This is not the time to wear your new camo outfit. Consider a  brightly colored jersey!  
10. All participants must agree to ride in single file line, 6 feet apart, until the guide signals to do other wise

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Frequently Asked Questions;

What type of shoes should I wear? Sneakers or tennis shoes work best.  Open toed shoes might leave you open to a stubbed toe, so closed toes shoes work better. High heeled shoes are not appropriate.

Are there restrooms available?
In most cases, there are public restrooms on or near the tour route.  Talk to your guide before the tour start if you feel you might need to take a break.  Otherwise, on most tours, your guide will let you know when a break is near a restroom.

Can we cancel? You can cancel as long as you call 843-684-3118 prior to 72 hours (3 full days...) of the tour start time.  If you cancel any time within 72 hours, we will do our best to accommodate to reschedule you on a different tour date and time, but we cannot guarantee this can be done.  Worst case, we will provide a "Glow Buck" gift certificate that can be used later toward a future tour day, transferred to friends or family, or donated to a local charity in your name.  This does not apply for specially arranged group tours or tours that exceed our normal capacity. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE.

What if I get lost and arrive late? If you do not arrive at the tour start point at least 10 minutes prior to the start time, you forfeit your tickets.  No refund is available.   Please check your driving directions to allow adequate time.  If you have any questions or concerns, call 843-684-3118 in advance of your tour time.

Can I take photos while riding? Nope!  You might fall.  Would you fly a plane with one hand?  No!  So, you need both hands to steer.  If you want to stop for a photo, just wait fir your guide to signal for photo op's we have planned along the way!

Weather Policy- Tours proceed in light weather--it's still fun!  In the event of "bad weather" like a thunderstorm, heavy rain or a snow storm (if it happens), we might reschedule the tour.  If this happens, WE WILL CONTACT YOU! Worst case, we can reschedule or refund 100%.    Please contact us--don't assume the tour is cancelled!

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